Autoclaves for AAC Block in China
Capacity:6 sets

The six sets of FGZSS1.5-2.0*31 autoclave purchased by the customer will be used in the project of the autoclaved aerated concrete(AAC) block production line.

Autoclave for AAC block plant

In the AAC block plant, autoclave is a necessary part. Autoclave for AAC plant is used to generate high temperature and high pressure steam in the production line for steam-curing the blocks, besides, there are cut-off machine, ball crusher, steam-curing car, bottom board, pouring truck, storage tank, stirrer tank, crusher and some other equipment.

In this project, ZBG autoclave equipment selected by customers adopts the quick opening structure, which is opened and closed by hand speed reducer, and can be operated by electric, pneumatic and hydraulic opening and closing according to users' requirements. In addition, a complete safety interlock protection device is equipped to avoid the hidden danger of misoperation, which ensures the safe operation of autoclave and the safe operation of operators.

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