Indonesia 6t Biomass Fired Steam Boiler
Capacity:6 tons

In 2014, 6 ton biomass fired steam boiler was successfully installed in Indonesia. The company purchased the 6 ton horizontal biomass boiler from ZG Boiler for high pressure steam/heat supplying in their production process, which is one of the biggest manufacturer of Medicinal Herbs Company in Indonesia. Their products include traditional health drinks, supplements, medicine, food and beverages. All the ingredients are coming from Indonesia herbs and transform to pharmaceutical industry. The company also has it owns laboratories and research development department.

Indonesia biomass fired steam boiler main parameters:

Rated steam capacity: 6 t/h
Rated pressure: 1.25 MPa
Rated Steam Temperature: 194℃
Designed thermal efficiency:83%
Fuel: biomass solid shaped fuel

Biomass fired steam boiler benefits:

1.The two sides of the boiler furnace adopt membrane water wall structure. The structure not only enhances the sealing of the boiler, but also increases the volume and heating surface of the furnace and enhances the intensity of the back arch.
2.The after-combustion chamber and convection tubes are set behind the furnace. Air-preheater sets at the boiler rear.The exhaust gas passes the furnace, after-combustion chamber, convection tubes, air-preheater and goes into the rear flue, and then passes the dust remover, ID fan, chimney and goes into the air.
3. The boiler leaves the factory in two parts: the upper part includes the boiler proper, upper steel frame and upper furnace wall and the lower part includes coal bucket, chain grate, lower furnace wall and inner ventilating duct.

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