Malaysia 80 Ton Power Plant Boiler
Capacity:80 tons
Pressure:3.82 Mpa

A thermal power company in Malaysia purchased one set of 80 ton CFB boiler for power supply, the boiler was designed to burn coal fuels. The energy saving circulating fluidized bed power plant boiler has the feature of good fuel suitability, high combustion efficiency, well load regulation performance, high desulfurization efficiency and low Nox emissions.

Coal fired power plant boiler parameters

rated evaporation capacity: 80t/h
rated steam temperature: 450℃
rated steam pressure: 3.82MPa
feed water temperature: 104-150℃
exhaust gas temperature: -128.7℃
design thermal efficiency: 88.9 %

Energy saving CFB power plant boiler

1. low-resistance will not be brought down gray of bell-type hood
The Bell hood using of unique anti-wear technology, even wind and small resistance,do not wear. Solve the problem of the gray backward to ensure the combustion efficiency of the boiler.
2. Automatically adjusted back feeder of high flow rate and low-power
To use high-flow, low-resistance device is expected to choose the roots blower of the smaller power, at the same time can save power consumption for customers in ensuring safe and reliable operation of the cycle.
3. Whirlwind separator of low resistance and high efficiency
The new generation super-efficient cyclone after the technological improvement, d50 value of 12 microns. d99 value of 100 microns. Separation efficiency of more than 99.6%, and the total resistance of less than 1100pa.

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