4 Ton Coal Fired Boiler in Korea
Capacity:4 tons

In December 2014, we had the order of 4 ton coal fired boiler to Korea. DZL4-1.25-AII type 4 ton coal fired boiler is a hybrid of a three-pass fire-water tube packaged coal fired grate boiler with rated steam pressure 1.25MPa rated steam temperature of 194℃, the boiler burning bituminous coal.

Coal Fired Boiler Specifications

Rated Capacity:4t/h
Rated steam pressure:1.25MPa
Rated Steam Temperature:194℃
Feed water temperature:20℃
Cold air temperature:20℃
Exhaust gas temperature:160℃
Design thermal efficiency:79%
Design of fuel: bituminous coal/AII

Horizontal coal fired steam boiler structure

The layout of the coal steam boiler on both sides of the light tube water wall, part of the riser pull the heating surface to the furnace roof, the drum at the bottom of refractories, so that the drum bottom is not directly affected by the high-temperature flame radiation. The drum side of the bottom side by side the two convection flue. Before the arch after arch close to 80% coverage. A new chunk of chain grate combustion machinery. Equipped with a blower, induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and with a mechanical slag slag machine. Complete control and monitoring instrumentation, boiler safe and reliable.

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