60 Ton Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Chemical Industry
Capacity:60 tons

Chemical industry needs boiler equipment in its processing to supply power and steam. But actually amounts of waste heat can be utilized to generate the needed power, so some chemical plants now choose waste heat recovery boilers. This Kaifeng chemical plant chooses our QC220/950-60-5.29/450 60 ton waste heat recovery steam boiler.

QC220/950-60-5.29/450 waste heat boiler parameters:

Rated Capacity: 60 t/h
Rated steam pressure: 5.29MPa
Steam temperature: 450 ℃
Feed water temperature: 104℃
Design fuel: waste heat in chemical plant

Chemical industry waste heat boiler features:

High heat transfer coefficient
Anti-fouling, no plugging ash, strong corrosion resistance
System to prevent vapor leakage
Small resistance, applicable to old unit transformation

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