24 Sets of 6 Tons Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Project
Capacity:24 sets of 6 tons

In July 2017, the customer purchased 24 sets of 6 ton waste heat boilers from ZBG for its biomass gasification cogeneration project, which uses flue gas heat of gasification from shellfish to produce steam for power generation, and the power of the hot water by coagulation heat transfer station for winter heating.

Developing circular economy and strengthening the utilization of renewable energy are the irreversible trend of energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, both biomass fuel boilers and flue gas waste heat recovery boilers will have unlimited market space in the future.

ZBG not only produces biomass boiler and waste heat boiler, as well as oil and gas fired boiler, coal fired boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, etc. We provides “Consultant & Steward” services throughout the life cycle of entire investment project, consisting of such stages as before-sale consultation, solution design, equipment manufacturing, installation instructions, spare parts supply, and production line operation.

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