45 Ton CFB Boiler for Chemical Fiber Factory
Capacity:45 tons

Anhui Somet Fiber Co., Ltd. is a chemical fiber factory mainly producing high fibre and high white non-woven fiber, bamboo fiber, flame retardant, high wet modulus fibers and other difference and special chemical fiber. These products are mainly used in textile industry, medical and sanitary product, garment,etc.

45 ton CFB boiler manufactured by our company has been put into production and providing heat and power in its process. This CFB steam boiler is designed with novel structure that enables the equipment to reach a higher efficiency than initial estimates.

Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. is the largest CFB boiler production base in Mid-central China. We are capable to offer wide capacity such boilers, wide fuel flexibility to burn low grade coal fuels, high combustion efficiency but lower pollutant emission, fly ash easy for comprehensive utilization.

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