30t CFB Boiler for Vietnam Sugar Plant

A company in Vietnam, established in 1995, operates a cane sugar mill and produces raw sugar, refined sugar, liqueurs and wine. It is one of the leading sugar producer in Vietnam, to increase its capacity and upgrade equipment to produce refined sugar, the company invested much money and purchased equipment, including one set of 30 ton circulating fluidized bed boiler that was ordered from our company.

30 ton CFB steam boiler for sugar plant

Rated steam capacity: 30TPH
Rated steam pressure: 2.5MPa
Rated steam temperature: 400℃
Feed water temperature: 104℃
Design fuel: anthracite coal+bagasse

Sugarcane is the main material for a sugar plant, as the sugar is refining from the sugarcane, the sugar bagasse is also producing. Bagasse through some treatments can be used as the fuel for boiler as well. The 30 ton CFB boiler for sugar mill is specially designed to burn both anthracite coal and bagasse. As we know, the fuel in circulating fluidized bed boiler is recycled to burn fully, the combustion efficiency is quite high and little fuel is wasted.

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